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المجلس الوطني الإريتري للتغيير الديمقراطي

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Nolan Principles



We believe we owe it to the people who voted for us and support us to be open about all our work.  We give reasons for the things we do and the decisions we make, and we welcome people questioning us.  We will only keep something secret if disclosing it would damage the Eritrean people.



We hold the positions we have only because Eritrean individuals and organizations have trusted us. We believe we have to report back frequently and fully, to them and to the Eritrean public, as our rules and procedure require.



We believe in working for the public interest, not for our own benefit, nor to do favors for our family or friends.



We won’t let anyone outside the ENC4DC influence our decisions by giving us money or doing us other favors.



We make sure that all our decisions are based on clear criteria.  If we appoint someone to a role, it must be because they are the best person for that role, and for no other reason.



If there is any situation that might cause a conflict of interest, or might be seen as one, we declare it, and we find a way of resolving it without damaging the interests of the Eritrean public.



Our role as the leaders of the ENC4DC is to promote these principles, and to lead by example.


We have adopted these concepts from the Nolan Principles, devised in the UK by the Committee for Standards in Public Life.  We think the Nolan Principles apply to our work, and to everyone in a public role, all over the world.



Who are we?


The Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENC4DC) was formed in November 2011, at a conference in Awasa, Ethiopia, of 600 elected delegates from across the entire Diaspora, representing opposition groups, human rights activists and civil society organizations. The conference elected 127 council members from across the world.


Governance and management of the ENC4DC are in the hands of two groups. The overall strategy and policy direction of the Council is the role of the Leadership. Day-to-day implementation is the responsibility of the Executive Committee. The governing document of the Council is the Charter. The Road Map to Democracy sets out the ENC4DC’s strategy in detail, and the Bye-Laws show the Council’s mode of operation.


The ENC4DC aims to mobilize Eritreans within and outside the country to create a peaceful democratic government, and to raise awareness across the international community of the true state of affairs. It is a tolerant, multicultural movement, where the diverse ethnic and faith groups, women and men, old and young can engage constructively in creating their own democratic society. We are also engaged in making connections and building trust with neighboring countries, with a view to repairing the damage caused by the dictatorial regime.


Leadership of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENC4DC)


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